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Dramatic Underscore – Action / Chasing / Fighting by Jeff Whitcher

adventurous, aggressive, anticipating, bold, computer, confident, confrontational, dangerous, determined, dramatic, driving, drums, dynamic, edgy, electric guitar, electro, energetic, escalating, forceful, keyboard, ominous, percussion, pulsating, strings, suspenseful, synth, tension, thrilling

Epic Showdown – The Nemesis Cornered

This bombastic underscore cue kicks off with mammoth hits, pounding forth with epic intensity. The masked vigilante is closing in on the antagonist; laying a trap and boxing him into a corner. A dynamic build up to the final showdown. Aggressive drums, percussion, guitar, synths, and stingers.

Bourne to Be Chased

Jason Bourne is racing through the streets, evading his pursuers! Jack Bauer is running after the terrorists! This high energy, full throttle cue is full of wild percussion, sound designed samples, driving tones and rhythms, and ostinato strings. Alias Sydney Bristow fights Le Femme Nikita!

Checkpoint Lima

A slow musical build sets the foreboding tone before kicking into gear with ostinato strings, dense and rhythmic percussion, and pulsing, intricate synths and samples. Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne team up to cross the border and nab their suspect. Energetic, adrenaline action in this pumping cue.

Engaging The Enemy

A full on action assault kicks off with blistering percussion and drums, aggressive synths and samples, powerful horns, and driving, ostinato strings. The tension accelerates, releases, and culminates in high gear with explosive excitement. Bauer, Bourne, Bristow, Nikita… lock and load!

Gun Runners

Edgy, action thriller underscore music with lots of tension, release, and building. The track is intricately crafted with driving strings, thunderous drums, epic percussion, and blistering guitar chunks. At times frantic and extreme, at times lulled and suspenseful, get ready to thrust into gear!

Full Auto Breach

Ostinato strings, pulsing synths, energetic drums, and edgy percussion thrust this music forth with aggressive attitude and excitement. This thrilling music propels the intensity and elevates the intrigue and suspense with Jack Bauer style and Jason Bourne adrenaline. Strap in and hang on!

Bolt Cutters And Shape Charges

This underscore cue throttles forth with an adrenaline groove that adds power and punch to an exciting, suspenseful sequence. Snap the padlock with the bolt cutters. Place the shape charges around the door. Break through the security and ready the weapons for a hostile encounter. Danger danger!

Don’t Get Caught

This gripping, energetic action music is crafted with intricate, rhythmic percussion and drums, adrenalized synths, dangerous ostinato strings, and dramatic samples and tones. A mysterious, intriguing vibe weaves through sections of tension & release. Time is of the essence to get in and get out!

Snatch N Grab

A suspenseful intro is followed by funky drums and a hypnotic synth bass groove in this action adventure underscore cue. The track is further ignited with edgy electric guitars and pulsing, sexy synths and samples. The music pumps with a dramatic vibe and a race against the clock energy.

Grab The Cash And Run

Break into the bank, set the charges, blow the vault, take the money, and escape. This edgy, driving cue with its thrilling groove is crafted with with sound designed samples, aggressive synths, a mellow string and horn line, and cinematic percussion. Hurry up because the clock is ticking!

Bourne To Be Chased 01

Jason Bourne is racing through the streets, evading his pursuers! Jack Bauer is running after the terrorists! This high energy, full throttle cue is full of wild percussion, sound designed samples, driving tones and rhythms, and ostinato strings. Alias Sydney Bristow fights Le Femme Nikita!

Evasive Maneuvers 01

This compelling and forceful cue is crafted with sound designed samples, synths, and tones, and driven by complex, intriguing percussion and drums. With only seconds before the timer reaches zero, our hero barely makes his escape. But wait! The bad guys are in pursuit as all hell breaks loose!

Evasive Maneuvers 02

This aggressive, edgy, percussion-drive track underscores a frantic chase or an all-out fight sequence. After a teasing build up, the driving ostinato strings and pulsing synths provide the tension as the chaotic, sound designed percussion throttles the track forward with blistering adrenaline!

Scanning For Signs Of Life

The team assembles, gathers their gear, & sets out to find their alien prey. Tension builds with brooding synths & foreboding samples as percussion begins to drive a mild action vibe. Edgy, pulsing guitar is added to heighten the drama. A super hero hunts his nemesis. A squadron readies for war.

Storm The Compound 01

All teams locked and loaded and moving into position. Charges placed on the doors. Boom! This bold action cue, crafted with riveting percussion, ostinato strings, foreboding textures, and ominous horns, underscores an all-out assault. A tense breakdown in the middle, then builds to a climax!

Prep The Gear And Move Out 01

The team assembles for a weapons check. Lock and load, load up the truck, let’s roll. An ominous, building drive is crafted with tasteful percussion, brass stabs, guitar chunks, and various synth tones. This edgy, hybrid cue is a prelude to the assault that is sure to follow! Soldiers prepare!

Take The Vault 01/02

Sneak into the bank and break into the vault. Modern, tense and thrilling underscore cue with tasty percussion, peppered guitar, and driving synths and samples. Le Femme Nikita has one chance to covertly sneak in and retrieve the data. Jack Bauer is racing the clock yet again. STEMS available!

All Out Action 01

Pulsing bass and light percussion kick things off with a flair of building tension that culminates in an adrenaline-filled burst of intensity. The track moves further into high gear with aggressive guitar chunks, driving percussion, and ostinato strings. Individual STEMS available for flexibility!

All Out Action 02

A brief tense introduction and then everything kicks into high-octane over drive! The track moves through a few variations in dynamics creating the perfect underscore for an intense, turbo-energetic action sequence. Individual STEMS available for flexibility!

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