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Journal Entries (EP)

acoustic, introspective, melancholy, mellow, synth strings, thoughtful, vocal November 2015

Journal Entry EP - Album Cover“Journal Entries” is the new EP from Antarctic Media’s own David Floyd.  Recorded at home, late at night and including all the sounds and ambiance that studios like to obliterate; it is a small collection of tracks which speak about everything and nothing at all.  Stripped bare of any major orchestration and arrangements, it was something that appealed to David as a diversion from his other musical projects.

“I’ve been working on a collection of pieces which are very orchestral and have a lot going on within them, as well as writing music for short documentaries and a short film, so to be able to pick up the acoustic guitar and start playing some simple melodies is a great source of inspiration for me,” says David.

“The tracks were recorded mostly late at night, using the bare minimum. “he continues, “I wrote some lyrics which I haven’t done for awhile and I guess a lot of it is pretty quirky or out there but some of it is really meaningful to me, and I just felt like saying it simply and clearly in a few songs.  I could’ve stretched the EP out a little longer but to be honest, I really don’t feel like I have anything else to say with regards to the whole ‘Journal’ idea.”


Journal Entry 1 was very easy to write.  One of those moments when music and words just fall into place.  That’s probably the most personal song on the EP.  Things that I think about, worry about,  and fuss about and which never seem to leave me.  There is a lyric which goes:  ‘Honestly, I can’t tell if I am kind/Or if I’m just like them who let the devil steer their minds’ and it isn’t some sort of religious battle I’m talking about but rather that feeling of ‘is this really the most loving thing to do or am I being a total jerk?!’  The idea that I’m pulling the wool over my own eyes worries me a little.  A person can feel as sure about themselves as ever but so much of it is one’s own perception which lies in the mind, and that can be deceiving in itself.”

Journal Entry 2 (Gillian Jacobs) I guess it’s a little silly really but it’s meant to be a bit of fun.  Naming all the people that have had some sort of influence on my life, especially my creative side.  Brian Wilson taught me about harmony and production, Sufjan Stevens is probably one of the only musicians I’d actually like to meet and talk with, Nick Drake, well, Nick Drake goes without saying…  and Jerry Goldsmith who is a huge hero of mine and I think probably one of the greatest composers of all time.  His musical output as well as the quality of his music is just unbelievable.  I name a other people too, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper are two artists I really love and then the amazing visual effects and matte art of Albert Whitlock, Syd Dutton and James Fetherolf.  The lovely Gillian Jacobs is mentioned because I would like to share some time with her.”

Journal Entry 3 (Barbara Nichols) is obviously about the 1950s – 1960s actress Barbara Nichols.  She is one of those woman who seemed to appear everywhere at one point, seedy men’s magazine covers, pulp fiction books, television shows, films and then she started to fade away but would keep up appearances on certain TV shows like Batman.  Her life just intrigued me and the music and words came pouring out one afternoon, so that is my little homage to her.”

Journal Entry 4 is the album closer and I don’t really have too much to say about it except that the chorus seems to highlight that feeling spoken about in ‘Journal Entry 1′, whether or not a person is really kind and how the events of a day, week, month or even years can ultimately cause you to close your heart and put on a protective layer by becoming cold and heartless.”


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