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Love You

bass, beat, electro, harmony, love, synth, vocal November 2013

LOVEYOU_COVERThe lyrics are open, they are honest and as David goes on to say: “They are pretty much centered around conversations, feelings; the exultation, the adoration I’ve felt, I continue to feel.  How can  one be expected to ‘hide’ their truth away forever?  I’m not interested in doing that anymore.  The heart; the soul speaks volumes and always will in situations like these.  I think there are a lot of people too afraid to open their hearts, to allow themselves to love and be loved.  I’m not afraid to love, to take risks for someone I love and respect.  It’s almost like it’s some sort of crime to say “I love you” these days. Like it’s a weakness or something and I’ve never been able to understand that.

I guess an individual can also become angry, resentful and hard-hearted the more they are rejected or experience unhappiness in love but I honestly believe love shall prevail.  I’m not a hippy, I’m not an ignorant idealist, I’m simply living as close to my own truth as I possibly can.  That is where this particular song stems from, that is the foundation of it.  It’s also the idea of ‘Well, I accept you for exactly who you are and I’m not asking you to change.’

I think ‘Love You’ is an encapsulation of that idea.  In the end though the song means nothing beyond whatever meaning you attribute to it.  As I said I’ve written it from experiences I’ve had so it means a lot to me obviously.  I love this person and I always will. It’s what makes complete sense to me.”


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