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Antarctic Media And Its Four New Tracks

Four new tracks from Antarctic Media’s David Floyd

Antarctic Media’s resident artist David Floyd has just released four new instrumental tracks, “Trailer Park Dreams”, “The New Thing”, “Back Of My Mind” and “A Dreamer Will Fly”.

These tracks are designed for use in the film, television, radio and commercial mediums and are available for purchase from our own store:

The tracks are varying in styles and are composed, produced and performed by David Floyd.  As a resident artist for Antarctic Media, David is determined to provide only the best quality in both compositional and production techniques and continues to be prolific in his output of original music.  He draws his inspiration from nature, human “drama” as well as a place he “cannot quite fully understand” and all these factors provide him with the necessary fuel to write and arrange new material.

“Sometimes it’s a place of melancholy, sometimes it’s just plain euphoria,” says David, “but a lot of the time I really just don’t know where it comes from.  That’s what makes music so magical, for me at least!”

The four tracks are available at as well as and


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