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Antarctic Media’s “California Dream” Migrates To “Londontown”

California Dream

First of all we would like to thank everyone for the great response we have had to the “California Dream” instrumental track which was posted a few days ago.  The comments we have received since its posting have been very inspiring and greatly appreciated.  As mentioned, it is a homage, if you will to the great compositional skills of Brian Wilson who from 1962 – 1967 dazzled the music business with not only his ability to create hit records with The Beach Boys but also with the gift he possessed in composing and producing truly original and mind blowing musical musical arrangements.  His 1966 masterpiece “Pet Sounds” which is regarded as one of the greatest albums in rock history is a work that continues to inspire Antarctic Media’s resident composer David Floyd, who cites the album as “his tuition in musical production, arrangement, harmony and vocalization.”
David goes on to say that “‘California Dream‘ was meant to capture some of the feeling that Brian’s music has always made me feel when listening to it, and judging from the comments received these past few days, I can honestly say that I have achieved what I set out to do.” 

Along with recording new material David is also determined to finally release an earlier collection of songs which make up the album he has entitled “Londontown”.  The album is meant as a follow up to Antarctic Media’s debut “Antarctica!” which was released earlier this year.
“For whatever reasons I seemed to lose focus on the album [Londontown] and started working on other ideas but I really feel that there is a lot of interesting material there that should probably come out,” says David. 

Soon after the release of “Antarctica!” David set to work on a twelve track collection of instrumentals called “Mood Pieces Volume One” and after its release he began to put together ideas for a volume two.
“I have about four tracks for volume two at the moment and I’ll continue to work on that,” he continues, “Again, it was a case of getting into other things and soon I put out a few tracks which weren’t part of the ‘Mood Pieces’ theme.”
Those tracks include “Trailer Park Dreams, The Back Of My Mind, A Dreamer Will Fly” which made their debuts over the last two months.                                                                     David is also currently writing and producing tracks for a local artist. 

“Londontown” is expected to be released in the coming months. 

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