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David Floyd Composes An Album About Druids, Ravens And The End Of Summer

David Floyd is currently in the process of writing original music for a new and as yet untitled album. It apparently deals with the ancient Celts and tells a story of life during the time when druids wandered the land, and the changing of seasons was observed with reverence.

“It’s something that I’ve always been keenly interested in,” says David. “I think it was a beautiful time in history but also a somewhat terrifying and tumultuous time.”

The album will consist of 12 original pieces and contain varying styles of music, from lush string sections to dissonant sawtooth synth basslines. David goes on to say:

“Basically, everything that has to do with nature, the changing of the seasons, Samhain, etc. will be made up of gentle melodies built upon string arrangments and whatnot. When the druids arrive it turns very electronic, distorted with heavy beating drums. I’m not trying to give druids a bad reputation here but it’s sort of integral to the entire story I’ve created!”

How far along are you with regard to completed tracks?
“I’d say we’re about 70% of the way, so not too long to go. It has been a great process so far. The music has come really easily this time and I’m very grateful for that. I just hope it continues like this!”

No ideas for an album title yet?
“One or two ideas but at the moment I’m keeping the focus on the music.”

Antarctic Media will keep you updated as to when the album will be released.

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