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David Floyd Sails With The Moon With Latest Single

“La Voce Della Luna” Is An Ode To The Moon

David Floyd has given us a lovely offering.  An ode to the moon called “La Voce Della Luna”.  This instrumental piece captures the awe and overwhelming emotion that rises with the moon; its unique effect on us all and how blessed we are to have such a beautiful and inspiring object in our skies.

“We all look up at it once in a while.  Perhaps I look up more often than most!  I guess it’s easy to get caught up in the daily routine to the point where something like the moon is viewed as pretty ordinary, mundane even.  Just a ‘pretty’ thing that spends its time sailing across the sky.  But there is something really wonderful about it.  I guess I’ve always been in awe of it, of its beauty.  That ghost of a moon you can often see during the day is really strange when you think about it.  It looks almost transparent.  Anyway, I saw it one evening just hanging quietly in the evening sky, it seemed like it was almost floating just above the lagoon I live close to.  I went back inside the house and came up with this ‘ode’ if you will.  I could write a hundred, maybe more songs concerning the moon but I think one is enough.  At least for now…”

David continues to be a part of Antarctic Media but is also working on other projects outside of the music industry.  We wish him luck with all his endeavours and hope to hear more from him in the not too distant future.  His “Londontown” EP is still scheduled for release end of this month.  Composer Jack Wyman is starting work on his debut album for Antarctic Media.  Things are really happening here!
Have a listen to David Floyd’s “La Voce Della Luna” and become lost in the majesty of it all!

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