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David Floyd writes about “Ocean Way” with his new track.

Antarctic Media Is Proud To Present “Ocean Way”!

Antarctic Media is proud to present the latest offering from resident composer David Floyd, “Ocean Way”.
An instrumental built on a melody David says he heard while watching the ocean from a friend’s home.
“It came relatively easily once I worked out the little melodic parts and then I just built upon that by using different sounds, interesting sounds, textures really.”
The track has three distint sections, starting with a harmonica-choir intro that leads into the main melodic section, built up with strings, a prominent bass line and vibes.  The piece then shifts into a pulsing synth rhythm with distorted feedback tones to add to the ambience.

“It could really be about anything when you listen to it,” says David.  “It could be about heartbreak, unrequited love even but I really thought alot about the sea while composing this one, the way the mountains sort of tumbled right into it and it was all right there in front of me.  All I had to do was go out onto the balcony.”

David is currently working on new compositions as well as putting the finishing touches on his
“Londontown” EP.  It is a productive time indeed.

“Ocean Way” is available exclusively to fans who are on the Reverbnation Antarctic Media mailing list!

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