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David Floyd is still currently working on a new collection of pieces.  Along with that he has scored two short documentaries and been involved with various projects on the side.
The new pieces are to make up an album’s worth of music based upon the time of druids and magic.
“I started to write music centered around the season of Autumn and the idea just grew from there.”  David continues, “It’s not really a story as such but rather my own ideas about circumstances and situations that may have existed back whenever.”

The new piece, titled “Revelation And Revolution” is about seeing wonder in everything around one, as well as the idea that whatever is sent out may return to you in some form or other.
“I like the idea that whatever you project will one day return to you, and even though it will most often be in a completely different form, the basis of it remains rooted in one place.  That’s what this piece is about.  It plays itself out and then as it starts to fade away it suddenly returns but in reversed form.  So, the same thing really but slightly different too.”

The composition of the track is made up of strings, repetitive drums, synth bass and electric piano, and goes from mood to mood, from a quiet place of introspection to a place of joy and wonder, as the strings and electric piano begin to encircle on another.

“I’m hoping people will like the track.  Not specifically for the reasons I wrote it but for whatever emotions or thoughts it may conjure up.  My job isn’t to intellectualize what I’m writing about but rather to leave it up to the listener and hopefully to be able to connect with them.”

Further information regarding the new album will be available soon!  The new single “Revelation And Revolution” is available to listen to on the Antarctic Media Music Sampler page.

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