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Single “Baby To The Gallows” Plus New Sound Samples From Antarctic Media For Your Visuals

The Antarctic Media team is proud to present three “mood pieces” which are aimed directly at the visual market. These are samples which can be purchased directly from our store. The idea is to provide quality atmospheric samples that will greatly enhance any visual medium you may be working with. The samples are:

Mood Piece 1 (Amber Fields)
Mood Piece 2 (Dance Out)
Mood Piece 3 (Ominous)

We will be uploading more samples in the coming weeks and we encourage all aspiring film makers, documentarians, or anyone in the visual medium to seriously consider Antarctic Media as a viable source of quality music.
Meanwhile, work on our second full length album “Londontown” is still underway but in the meantime we offer you a single from that album entitled “Baby to the Gallows”. We hope you will enjoy it and encourage you all to send us your comments or ideas.
Once again we say “thank you” to all who have supported us from the beginning and who continue to support us. We appreciate it and we guarantee you that Antarctic Media will continue to grow from strength to strength.

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